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Alarm Installation Services Galway

Best Home Alarm Installation Services Galway

Our home alarm systems are installed to the highest standards, so you can be fully assured that all devices are of the highest industrial quality and meet environmental standards. There are wired and wireless self-monitoring home alarm systems that use a PIR camera to distinguish between false alarms and active threats. You can manage every part of the system using our app. This allows you to watch over and control your home alarm system from anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for home alarm monitoring systems for your home or business in Galway, please contact us for an initial on-site visit.

Alarm Installation Services Galway

Fire Alarm Installation, Commissioning, Servicing

When it comes to life safety, nothing is more important than properly installing, designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining a fire alarm system. This is the system that could save a day of your life or prevent untold damage to your property or investments.

Alarm Installers offer a wide range of fire alarm system services. We provide only the highest quality fire detection and alarm products and are confident that the products and services we offer provide a cost effective and efficient solution to your specific needs.

Our Alarm Installers offer a fully personalized service to businesses and organizations, from planning to installation, commissioning and certification, with an additional total security guarantee.

We would be happy to help you with your purchase and direct purchase. Rory Keating Security can assess all aspects of a security installation including costs, independent product management, installation security, installation, maintenance and all security maintenance and facility.

Alarm Installation Services Galway

Security Alarm System Installation Services

At Rory Keating Security, we are one of the oldest alarm installation companies in Dublin with over the year of experience. We employ the best alarm engineers and technicians to provide you with the best burglar alarm systems, fire alarm systems, security cameras and access controls, tailored to your needs.

Our goal has always been the same to protect our customers from intruders and ensure their security. To achieve this, we use all our skills, experience and wide range of alarm products and services in-house.

We build for the present and the future. Our alarm systems are completely flexible and can grow with you in your home and business.

Domestic And Residential Alarm Installation

At Alarm Installation Services Galway, protecting your home and family is not an easy decision. Why not call Rory Keating Security to chat and find out the best security system for your home? We strive to combine the best price with the best facilities and services.

We install quality security equipment and home security products and offer the most flexible range of monitoring services, including mobile monitoring, two-way voice monitoring and much more.

Our Alarm Installers offer a wide range of wireless components for home security. Plus, our home security packages are designed to fit almost any budget. We’ll help you find the right system for your needs so you can protect your home and family today.

All wireless alarm devices operate on batteries and therefore must be replaced.

Business Wired And Wirefree Alarm Installation

Rory Keating Security understands that as a customer you need security. Protection against intrusion into vulnerable parts of your building during the day (fire doors, roller doors, loading docks, etc.) and throughout the building at night when the building is empty.

Rory Keating Security offers wired and wireless burglar alarm systems with alarm panels, warning devices (audible and/or visual) and detection devices to protect you and your property at all times, including outside normal working hours.

To achieve this ideal, Rory Keating Security offers a wide range of detection devices, correctly positioned to provide the best type of detection, combined with a discreet appearance and minimal exposed wiring.

Our Alarm Installers have experienced developing wired and wireless intruder alarm systems that provide the right balance of early detection, adequate coverage and realistic cost.

Keating Security is a Private Security business based in Furbo, Co. Galway and operating in the West of Ireland since 2018. Experts in Crime Prevention, we offer a fully PSA licensed security service, we will risk assess your home / premises and advise you according to your specific security needs. We use only the most up to date security products.

All installations are carried out by a fully qualified electrician and we provide a free twelve-month maintenance on all installations to include callouts.

Alarm Installation Services Galway

Alarm Installation Services Galway

Alarm Installation Services Galway

Alarm Installation Services Galway
Alarm Installation Services Galway