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Automatic Gates Specialist Galway

Gate Automation Systems

Automatic doors are the best way to keep your home and business secure. Rory Keating Security: We are proud to offer one of the widest ranges of door operators on the market, suitable for larger doors up to 9 meters. per sheet up to 2000kg in our Sea Super range.

We have hydraulic and electromechanical automations for swing doors for private and commercial spaces; our sliding door systems have proven themselves and always successfully for dimensions up to 6000 kg.

If you need help choosing the right gate automation equipment or require pricing, please contact us.

Automatic Gates Specialist Galway

Expert Gate Automation Installer

Rory Keating Security offers a wide range of electric gate openers and automation systems, perfect for those looking to add convenience and security to their gates. Our high quality gate motors and accessories are designed to be easy to install and compatible with a wide range of gate types and sizes.

In addition to our automated systems for swing and sliding doors, we also offer special products for cantilever doors and garage doors. Our wide range of activation and security accessories guarantees that your gate automation is complete and reliable. Additionally, our durable, rust-proof electric gate cabinets keep your electrical systems clean and protected. Buy our gate automation systems now and easily upgrade your gates.

Automatic Gates Specialist Galway

Sliding Gate Automation Systems

Coming home has never been more convenient thanks to the reliable, connected and secure automated sliding gate systems we have developed.

Imagine a world where your home devices work together. You could drive into your home during rain without getting out of your car, and open your door for your friends with a simple voice command to keep your home and family safe.

We’re happy to help you find simple solutions that fit your lifestyle. With our system, you can now control your sliding gate using the app, voice assistants, and two-way remotes from Rory Keating Security.

We like simplicity, we like efficiency.

Swing Gate Automation Systems

Revolving doors are the most popular choice for residential doors. Wooden, PVC composite and wrought iron revolving doors are available in three categories and each category has different advantages. All three have two important advantages in common.

  • They provide more security for your property and more privacy.
  • A revolving door is easy to install and cost-effective.

All revolving doors can be automated and have many control options.

Keating Security is a Private Security business based in Furbo, Co. Galway and operating in the West of Ireland since 2018. Experts in Crime Prevention, we offer a fully PSA licensed security service, we will risk assess your home / premises and advise you according to your specific security needs. We use only the most up to date security products.

All installations are carried out by a fully qualified electrician and we provide a free twelve-month maintenance on all installations to include callouts.

Automatic Gates Specialist Galway

Automatic Gates Specialist Galway

Automatic Gates Specialist Galway

Automatic Gates Specialist Galway
Automatic Gates Specialist Galway