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Fire Alarm Services Galway

Trusted Fire And Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Protect your home with the complete collection of fire and carbon monoxide detectors from Rory Keating Security. Our carefully curated selection combines advanced and easy-to-use technology to provide peace of mind and protection for your loved ones.

Explore a range of alarms to suit different needs, from compact and portable options to advanced systems for larger properties. We know that safety comes first. That’s why our fire and carbon monoxide detectors come from trusted brands known for their reliability.

Investing in these alarms is a proactive step in protecting your home from potential dangers. Our alarms are equipped with advanced sensors that provide early detection of smoke and carbon monoxide, giving you valuable time to respond to emergencies.

Fire Alarm Services Galway

At Rory Keating Security, we make it our duty to educate our customers on the importance of fire and carbon monoxide protection. Understanding the risks and taking preventative measures can make a significant difference in emergency situations.

Whether you are a homeowner, landlord or business in Galway, our selection is tailored to your specific needs. The well-being of our community is our top priority and we are committed to providing the best security solutions.

For personalized advice or help choosing the right alarm for your home, contact Rory Keating Security in Galway. Our qualified staff will be happy to advise you on choosing the most suitable fire and carbon monoxide detectors to give you peace of mind.

Stopping Fires And Saving Lives

Fires can spread quickly: early detection and immediate response saves lives. A fire alarm monitored by daisy-chained optical smoke detectors gives you peace of mind. At Fire Alarm Services Galway, our alarm center is available 24/7 to respond to your alarm and alert the firefighters if necessary.

  • Always on, even when your alarm is turned off.
  • Photo verification to inform emergency services and save significant time.
  • Smoke detectors connected in series alert everyone in your home.
Fire Alarm Services Galway

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

For us, your safety is our top priority. With a commitment to innovative technology and superior service, we leverage our extensive experience to offer wireless fire alarm systems to suit all property types and budgets. We ensure safety and security and are proud to be specialists in wireless fire alarm solutions in Galway.

At Fire Alarm Services Galway, with over two decades of industry experience and as a proud member of Rory Keating Security, we are committed to providing reliable, cost-effective solutions tailored to your specific needs. And it’s not limited to just one option: we believe in offering complete end-to-end services, from installation to support.

Keating Security is a Private Security business based in Furbo, Co. Galway and operating in the West of Ireland since 2018. Experts in Crime Prevention, we offer a fully PSA licensed security service, we will risk assess your home / premises and advise you according to your specific security needs. We use only the most up to date security products.

All installations are carried out by a fully qualified electrician and we provide a free twelve-month maintenance on all installations to include callouts.

Fire Alarm Services Galway

Fire Alarm Services Galway

Fire Alarm Services Galway

Fire Alarm Services Galway
Fire Alarm Services Galway